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SNCF Infra Shares Best Practices Via a Single Portal

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OpenText helps French rail infrastructure group better manage documents and help staff collaborate to better serve customers catching 13,600 trains a day

Our EDM system is based on criteria such as quality assurance of the document library, controlled access, and security and recovery of content via rapid backup systems, typically in less than 24 hours. It also had to allow access via Windows and Office interfaces and be compatible with a browser such as Internet Explorer… We needed a third generation Intranet.

Joël Royer,Intranet project manager, SNCF Infra.


SNCF wanted to amalgamate and use all available information to capitalize on and share best practices. SNCF wanted to set up dedicated spaces for professional communities and ensure consistent presentation of information on the intranet.



SNCF now has the ability to share best practices, maintain content security and quality assurance of the corporate document library. The system has simplicity and ease of use and they've improved their ability to leverage corporate knowledge.

About SNCF

With 178,000 employees and 13,600 trains operating each day on the network, SNCF requires a huge infrastructure: its trains run on 30,000 kilometers of electric lines, including 1,391 km. of lines for the high-speed trains.