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EIM: The Next Generation of Enterprise Software

90 percent of data is unstructured information.
Learn how to drive value from it.

In an increasingly social and mobile world, there are more ways than ever to capture information and turn it into knowledge, but there are also more potential risks—information silos, data loss, security leaks. Within the enterprise setting, most companies today recognize this problem and understand that unmanaged information creates chaos.  Organizations must find new solutions that will provide support for information flows and tap into information stores across the enterprise.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a set of technologies and practices that maximize the value of information as it flows across the enterprise. Its core technologies work together to create an end-to-end platform for sharing, collaboration, analysis, and decision-making, based on the effective management of information to harness its potential while mitigating risk through governance, compliance, and security. An EIM platform delivers better business results, improved relationships with customers, and creates an open, compliant IT infrastructure for business success in a digital world.

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