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OpenText Release History

Explore OpenText’s major software releases

October 2020

CE 20.4

OpenText CE 20.4 delivered new SaaS applications, new cloud services, customer-driven features, and a new developer cloud with documented APIs, connectors to leading business applications, and a developer community for customers and partners.

July 2020

CE 20.3, OT2 20.3 and Business Network Cloud 20.3

The 20.3 releases delivered key enhancements in cyber resilience, ethical supply chains and digital trading, automation and cloud readiness.

April 2020

CE 20.2, OT2 20.2 and Business Network Cloud 20.2

This release introduced flexible cloud-deployment options with managed service expertise, new Core SaaS applications and services, developer-centric innovations, and the latest Trading Grid™ cloud integration platform.

November 2019

Release 16 EP7, OT2 19.4 and Business Network Cloud 19.4

The release introduced new cloud-native applications, advanced security services, enhancements in user experience and intelligent automation, and a searchable supplier sourcing and onboarding solution to reduce operational, financial, and reputational risk in supplier selection.

July 2019

Release 16 EP6, OT2 19.2 and Business Network Cloud 19.2

The release included advanced capabilities to capture, govern, exchange, and use information to its full potential. It expanded OpenText EIM cloud capabilities with strengthened offerings for OpenText Cloud, Business Network and new applications delivered on OpenText OT2.

November 2018

Release 16 EP5, OT2 and Business Network Cloud 16.10

This released introduced OpenText OT2 to deliver business focused SaaS applications, a modern developer platform, and hybrid EIM services on a single SaaS platform. It also offered usability improvements and Business Network Cloud enhancements for IoT, IAM, and supply chain management.

May 2018

Release 16 EP4

This release provided significant improvements to user productivity and experience and offered enhanced protection of customers’ critical information assets from threats and data breaches, while continuing to expand support for advanced AI and extreme automation use cases.

November 2017

Release 16 EP3

This release delivered improved analytics and AI capabilities via OpenText Magellan, enhanced user experiences and third-party integrations, and advanced IoT and security capabilities within the OpenText EIM platform via acquired products from Covisint and Guidance Software.

May 2017

Release 16 EP2

Focused on cloud optimization, mobility, smart UI, automation, flexibility, self-service, and creative collaboration, this release provided customers with productivity enhancements as well as deeper and broader integration within the OpenText EIM platform and with other leading business applications.

October 2016

Release 16 EP1

This release extended the OpenText EIM platform with purpose-built industry solutions and acquired products from HP Inc. and Recommind, offering customers discovery analytics for enterprise content and the ability to digitize the customer journey for deeper customer engagement.

April 2016

Release 16

Release 16 introduced a single, comprehensive digital information platform to manage and analyze the entire flow of information, addressing key areas of user experience, machine-to-machine integration, automation, and other aspects of the digital first organization.

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