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Wisteria Information Technologies, LLC

Wisteria IT is an OpenText Content Server -focused consulting organization with application development, administration and training expertise. Wisteria IT is a small company established in 2003 to provide superior OpenText Content Server consulting at quality consulting rates. We are proud to be in a network of top-tier OpenText Content Server consultants that provide the best OpenText Content Server expertise with absolute commitment to our clients' success.


Region US
Product focus ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;ECM - eMail Solutions;ECM - Enterprise Archive;ECM - Learning Management;ECM - Mobile Solutions;ECM - Captiva;ECM - Capture & Recognition;ECM - InfoArchive;ECM - LEAP;ECM - Clinical Archiving;ECM - Documentum Platform;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Healthcare;ECM - Document Sciences;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Energy & Engineering;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Lifesciences;ECM - Kazeon;ECM - PIXEL;ECM - OpenText Application Content Management
Type of partnership Services
Partner level Bronze

Products and Services Overview

Wisteria IT provides OpenText Content Server consulting in the following areas: OpenText Content Server Application Development SDK Builder/OScript and LAPI Business Process Automation using OpenText Content Server Workflow and Forms, Custom Modules for Enhanced User Experience , OpenText Content Server, Administration Support, and OpenText Content Server SDK Training (through OpenText Learning Services) . Wisteria IT has developed many custom solution modules, including: Biometric Authentication at the Folder/Document Level, OpenText Content Server Workflow Notifications and Replacement Tag Extensions, OpenText Content Server, Category Notifications, Custom Lookup Attribute, Lorenz docuBridge (for Regulatory Submissions), Integration with OpenText Content Server Captovation (Oracle) eCapture Commit Driver for OpenText Content Server .

Corporate Address

22012 Box Car Sq

(703) 421-1778