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BEC Legal Systems

BEC Legal Systems has been serving the technology needs of the legal community for many years. Established as Business Equipment Company in 1943, BEC’s specific commitment to the needs of lawyers goes back over 40 years when we became early pioneers in providing professional dictation equipment to law firms – one of the first time saving office productivity enhancements that addressed the needs of attorneys. BEC has continued to grow and prosper by continually improving our commitment in serving the technology needs of lawyers. In the 1970’s, BEC contributed significantly to the growth of word processing by implementing and training legal professionals on the dedicated systems of the day, including Unisys, Syntrex, Wang, and others. As the 1980’s emerged and law firms began to embrace the advantages of personal computers, BEC stepped forward with an even stronger commitment to legal and changed its name to BEC Legal Systems. We became experienced in a variety of legal-specific software, training and technical support. During the 1990’s our expertise increased to include an early commitment to emerging document management software, and most importantly, a dedicated focus to becoming experts in the use of Microsoft Office for law firms. In the last fifteen years, BEC has developed a suite of legal software products that integrate directly with Microsoft Office. These include legal applications for Microsoft Word, docket and legal calendar software for Microsoft Outlook, as well as a variety of other solutions always tailored to make Microsoft Office an easy-to-use, productive, and enjoyable experience for legal professionals.


Region Global
Product focus SALT - eDocs
Type of partnership Technology
Industry focus Legal
Partner level Registered

Products and Services Overview

Legal software and technical services for the law firm BEC Legal Systems is a professional services and legal software development company offering technology solutions, software, consultation and training services to national and international law firms. Our products and services are focused on improving the use of Microsoft Office 2010 for Lawyers and firm staff.

Corporate Address

175 Tri County Pkwy Ste 120

(513) 948-1500