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APPLEWHITE, Ingeniería de Comunicaciones S.A.

APPLEWHITE, Ingenieria de Comunicaciones S.A., was established in 1974 to provide
project and services to our clients from concept to installation through support; studying the
client's current I infrastructure, evaluating their needs, specifying the mix of hardware and
software required to meet project goals, installing the software at the client's site(s),
including ongoing services and support.
Based in Caracas, Venezuela has been officially certified as Partner and Authorized Support
Providers (bilingual) of OpenText for about 20 years, since RightFax / Captaris days.
Besides Venezuela, we are assisting markets in South, Central America, and the Caribbean,
in Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Caribbean Islands, etc.
For markets outside of Venezuela, we work under an affiliate company SIX Advanced
Solutions Inc., registered in the State of Florida. In some cases with direct accounts and
others through local resellers.


Region Latin America
Product focus ECM - Capture & Recognition;BN - F&DD - RightFax;BN - F&DD - Alchemy
Type of partnership Reseller;Support;Channel Reseller
Industry focus Financial Services;Insurance;Legal;Manufacturing;Retail;Telecommunications;Education;Computer Software;Utilities;Energy;Healthcare;Public Sector
Partner level Bronze

Products and Services Overview

OpenText Document Server, Alchemy Edition - Products and solutions for the administration, management, storage, consultation, and viewing of electronic documents, images, etc.
OpenText RightFax - Electronic Document and Text Delivery Products and Solutions.
  • Facsimile server systems for local networks, sending and receiving fax and SMS messages from workstations, email, or multi-functional equipment.
  • Delivery of electronic documents via fax, mail, Internet, and/or SMS, which are prepared and recorded in an unattended manner virtually from any ERP, CRM, call center, helpdesk, and other business solutions.
As service providers, we manage and assume responsibility for providing a defined set of services to our clients either proactively or as we determined that services are needed.
We perform important functions to ensure customers are satisfied using the OpenText products, listening to customers to understand their issues or concerns, gather information useful in providing recommendations and solutions to their technical problems.


Corporate Address

Avenida Urdaneta, Esq. Candilito Edif. Dilcan, Piso 4, Oficina D

(58) 212 576-0793