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Cyber Security Africa Limited

Cyber Security Africa Ltd is an Information Technology Security and Digital Forensics Consulting Company with headquarters in Nairobi Kenya and operating in more that 16 Countries in Africa. We have subsidiary offices in Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda and Ethiopia CSA offers a comprehensive range of Consultancy, Products and Services to help organizations protect their valuable assets. We provide unrivaled technical products, services and trusted advice to our clients, a role that allows us to fully understand and help our clients to achieve their organization and security objectives. The nature and scope of the Information Security and Digital Forensics field has evolved over the past several years, no longer are we just concerned with protecting the technical edifice. Our emphasis has become more holistic and we consider all aspects of information protection as central to the field of security. We have a team and partners in information Security and Digital Forensic industry who are veterans. Cyber Security Africa is the company to partner with for value-optimized, cost efficient services and thought leadership opportunities.


Region Africa
Product focus SALT - Guidance - Forensic/Tableau
Type of partnership Reseller;Reseller – Learning Services
Industry focus Financial Services;Insurance;Legal;Manufacturing;Telecommunications;Education;Aerospace & Defense;Utilities;Energy;Healthcare;Professional Services;Public Sector
Partner level Registered

Products and Services Overview

We provide:   

1. IT Security   

           a). Security Information and Event Management Solutions 

           b). Data loss prevention Systems 

           c). Vulnerability Management Solutions 

           d). Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment 

           e). Web Application testing / Solutions 

           f).  System Audits 

           g). Privilege Access Management Solutions   

2. Forensics   

           a). Computer Forensic Solutions 

           b). Mobile Forensic Solutions 

           c). Data Recovery Systems   

3. Training   

           a). IT security Training 

           b). Forensics Training


Corporate Address

PO Box 38395 Westland Court House 12 Mangu Gardens

+254 51 8007755