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OpenText Shinydrive for Microsoft SharePoint by Shinydocs

By  Shinydocs Corporation

Shinydrive for Microsoft SharePoint by Shinydocs is the best way to get documents managed in SharePoint. Ensuring every enterprise file has an audit history, version history, permissions and classifications. Shinydrive makes search across repositories possible.

Product Highlights
• Users work in letter drives and desktops, but files are automatically mapped to SharePoint ensuring 100% of users are managing documents.
• Migrate information in user desktops and file shares into SharePoint with zero downtime and zero user disruption.
• Manage complex file types seamlessly in SharePoint such as engineering documents and linked Excel files without relying on plug-ins, custom code or complex workarounds.
• Ensure all files have an audit history, version history, user managed permissions, classifications and reporting for records management and disposition.
• "Save" and "Save As" directly into SharePoint from all desktop applications.
• Intelligent caching creates a smooth and responsive user experience even in high latency, low availability environments without sacrificing security.
• Shinydrive installs in less than an hour, delivering the fastest so time to value

Value Proposition
• Forrester reports that over 90% of enterprises admit they don’t have high levels of confidence in their approach to information governance and that over 65% of ECM deployments fail to reach their stated objectives in scope, functionality or budget. Shinydrive drives SharePoint user adoption and sees a 600% increase in documents managed in SharePoint within weeks of deployment, as shown at Derby City Council.
• AIIM results show that consolidating content facilitates search across all enterprise content and can improve productivity by as much as 30%.
• Reduce costs associated with data management by up to 60%, while allowing your employees to continue working the way they always have.

Shinydocs Corporation

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