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OpenText Archon for InfoArchive by Platform3

By  Platform 3 Solutions LLC

OpenText Archon for InfoArchive by Platform 3 Solutions is a technology that helps organization to easily retire legacy IT applications in a compliant and efficient manner. OpenText InfoArchive as the system-of-record.

Archon for InfoArchive provides a single toolset that provides:
• Extraction Connectors: Including working with IBM mainframe/ AS400 systems, traditional database systems and unstructured systems like Lotus Notes, Microsoft SharePoint and legacy ECM technologies.
• Metadata Analytics: Unique capabilities to automatically understand data relationships and create user views
• Extraction Services: Move the data and content at a rate that makes sense – rather through a slower, trickle feed or max network capacity.
• InfoArchive Configurator: Automatically configure InfoArchive for the legacy information, data relationships & data retention plans.
• Query Screen Wizard Builder: Bring a wizard-based screen building experience to automatically create InfoArchive query and reporting screens.

Product Highlights & Value Proposition
• Automatically connects to any legacy technology – rather open systems, Windows or IBM mainframe.
• Using machine learning can automatically extract the business logic and data intercedences necessary to effectively extract information from legacy systems.
• Tightly coupled with InfoArchive to automate setup, data movement and transformation and query/reporting results for end-users
• Maintains chain-of-custody in data movement to validate information integrity to the records, compliance and legal teams.
• Allows for repeatability of best practices as an organization looks to build out an ‘Application Decommissioning Factory’ model to clean up their senile and zombie applications.
• Time-to-value brought to InfoArchive to drive incremental spends and archive growth.

Platform 3 Solutions LLC

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