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xCMS - Correspondence Management

By  Ro-Planet S.R.L.

The xCMS - Correspondence Management Solution is a powerful application that gathers and registers incoming, outgoing and internal business correspondences inside organizations.

xCMS tracks and captures all correspondence and routes them to users according to assigned roles and access type. It streamlines assembly and production of outgoing pre-approved and custom-authored correspondence.  Any editable document, image or PDF file is easily uploaded from fax, email, and scanner in the application and available to review, replace and delete.   

The solution is open to many channels capturing everything from letters, memos, circulars, applications, and routes them to internal departments/employees or management for analysis or response preparation.


Business benefits: 

  • Over boost the correspondence management process.
  • Improve productivity and responsiveness via a template library and workflows. 
  • Improve consistency and control of correspondence. 
  • Enhance the quality of communication.
  • Reduce risk and operational costs.  
  • Gain reporting visibility. 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.


xCMS - Correspondence Management Solution main features:

  • Capture, track and reference 
  • Link correspondences and documents 
  • Store and archive 
  • Search and report   

Incoming/Internal/Outgoing correspondence:  The letters are stored in repository and  specific security rules apply to them, which means that different users will have different privileges to work with a particular document. Some users have privileges to view it, while others are not entitled to be  aware of its existence. 

Quick document retrieval:  Indexing is very useful if the secretary or other entitled users need to search for this letter by typing some keywords in the system.  Searching can also be used for auditing or any other legal purposes. The system uses the typed keyword to search for the documents by name or the word inside the document.

Ro-Planet S.R.L.

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