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Content Suite Security and Productivity Pack

By  Cassia Content Management Inc

Cassia's Content Suite Security & Productivity Pack (SPP) expands upon existing OpenText™ Content Services security features, including role management, permissions and relationships.

The Content Suite Security and Productivity Pack (SPP) is for any OpenText Content Server customer that wants to have greater control over their Content Server implementation.



The Content Suite Security and Productivity Pack is a toolbox of handy OpenText Content Server tweaks and configurations to help adoption and usage of the system including:   

  • Allow Items - Location-Based Privileges
  • CONTROL who and where items can be created  Increase Privacy
  • RESTRICT user & group list viewing  Extend Audits: EXTEND folder audits for specific users 
  • Lock Permissions: LOCK permissions for specific users  Greater Collection Flexibility
  • RESTRICT specific permissions  Greater Major/Minor Version Promotion Flexibility
  • Configurable Promotion PERMISSIONS  Supplemental Markings Locker
  • Restrict removal PRIVILEGES  Quick Object and Usage Privileges
  • ADMINISTRATIVE usage and privilege features


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