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Records Disposition Approval Module for Content Suite

By  Cassia Content Management Inc

The RDA module automates the disposition process and simplifies how OpenText Content Server users sign-off on records as well as to reduce the time it takes for records managers to process the records once they receive the approvals.

Make Cassia your Records Manager partner and reduce labor costs through automation, reduce human error, and increase user adoption through simplification. RDA is the essential Records Management module for OpenText Content Server.


  • Reduce Time & Paper when Creating Records Disposition Approvals
  • Simplified Sign-Off Process for Approvers
  • Approve/Reject Records in BATCHES  Simplified Records Disposition Support
  • BULK Apply Holds or Updates  Simplified Review Process
  • VIEW Summary of every user's approval  RDA Integrated Reporting Framework
  • CUSTOM Reporting 


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