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OpenText CAPA for Content Suite/Extended ECM

By  Kinematik

OpenText CAPA for Content Suite/Extended ECM automates the CAPA process in a single system while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite.
  • Workflows provide standardized CAPA review and approval processes in a central location with dedicated workspaces to capture all CAPA findings.

    CAPA for Content Suite at a glance

    • Single system for all CAPA to Increase efficiencies and improve compliance.
    • Pre-configured, independent system workflows provide defined processes and a systematic way of capturing your organization’s CAPAs
    • Defined processes within CAPA include Incident Management, Investigations, CAPA Escalation, CAPA and Effectiveness Check
    • CAPA history and trends to report and understand all CAPA activities. 
    • Easy access and search for documents related to each CAPA and see a full audit trail of all activities. 
    • Out of the box configurable reports and dashboards to show real-time data. 
    • Notifications ensure that employees assigned CAPA tasks are notified using internal or email notifications. 
    • Complete end-to-end visibility of your CAPA processes to understand the who what and when of each CAPA.   


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