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OpenText Project Management for Content Suite/Extended ECM

By  Kinematik

OpenText Project Management for Content Suite/Extended ECM provides industry-standard, collaborative and advanced project management tools for Content Suite.

OpenText Project Management for Content Suite/Extended ECM solution integrates projects and tasks with enterprise documents and records in a single system while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite. 

Project Management at a glance

  • Advanced project management tools including Project Management, Manual or Automatic scheduling, Resource Utilization, Critical Path and Baselines. 
  • Manage, track and integrate all projects, project tasks and related documents in a single system. 
  • A central database for all Enterprise project data. 
  • Integrate key documents directly into project tasks, phases or deliverables.
  • Update project schedules and resourcing using an interactive Gantt. 
  • Access real-time reports and dashboards using out-of-the-box dashboards on Costs, Resources & Scheduling.
  • Configure new dashboards using WebReports.
  • Manage resources efficiently with Resource Scheduling & Collaboration tools.
  • Assign tasks to 3rd parties / external users of Content Suite.    
  • Search and retrieve all relevant and linked project-related documents.    
  • Utilize Content Suite audit and version controls for all activities.    
  • Stage gate automation using Content Server workflows initiated directly from the project.
  • Drive business value from project data.


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