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Banking process Automation For OpenText- BPA


Banking Process Automation For OpenText - BPA provides customers the ability to automate their banking processes with minimal time and effort.

Automating more than 100 processes for more than 15 banks allowed MGS to build a configurable and dynamic fully configurable business rules that allow the system to comply with different customer requirements.  The BPA system is built using OpenText ECM Solution.  Open Text ECM and Workflow allows customers to Configure exiting processes as well as building new processes. In addition to manage content inside and outside BPA system.   


List of Processes:

  • Operations
  • Central Vault
  • RBD
  • Project Admin
  • Collection
  • Loan Processing Unit
  • Archive Section
  • Card Services
  • Legal

BPA module features: 

  • Built-in reports and Dashboard that provide comprehensive analytics and output. 
  • Configurable and Customizable 
  • Responsive design 
  • Traceable workflow   
  • Core Banking and other systems integration 
  • User Friendly & Intuitive Screens   
  • Full Workflow Audit Table   
  • Banking Process Workflow & Reports   
  • Swift Transfer   
  • Standing Order   
  • Balance Order   

The BPA system is built using OpenText ECM Solution