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Contract Management Workspace - CMW


Contract Management Workspace –CMW For OpenText is a unified, secured, and integrated solution for managing physical or electronic contracts.

Contract Management Workspace –CMW For OpenText  is a unified, secured and integrated solution for managing physical or electronic contracts by transforming contract management from Silos document workflows to intelligent and connected work processes. In addition to the contracts, CMW uses workspace as well for proposals and orders. 

CMW standardize, archive and automate smoothly the contract lifecycle—from initiation, creation, negotiation, and execution, to expiration, using robotic capture, machine learning, advanced content and collaboration system.   Integrate seamlessly data and processes across the system, and access all contracts knowledge across the enterprise.  Empower users with visibility of contract processes to proactively manage contract rules for improved compliance with internal information governance mandates and regulatory requirements.   Leverage our automation tools to enable smarter contract authoring and contract information tracking. 

Business benefits: 

  • Leverage Open Text Content Server capabilities with a secure central repository. 
  • Less training is required on using the system.   
  • Accelerate cycle times and reduce operational costs and risk by automating the processes, from creation, review, approval, to execution processes. 
  • Improve administrative processes, empower teams and the quality of collaboration and communication. 
  • Boost productivity by using the template library and customized workflows. 
  • Risk management, gaining full visibility into the entire contract lifecycle and controlling archiving and dispositions. 
  • Deploy a robotic capture, artificial intelligent technology, intelligent and connected work processes which allows less manual involvement and human errors, paperless environment, and digital transformation. 
  • Support compliance with assurance to regulatory compliance.   
  • Ensure consistency with secure tools for dealing with the confidentiality of contracts.   



CMW main features:   

CMW has a friendly, and customizable user interface. It uses Intelligent Robotic Capture - IRC system with robotic and machine learning tool to capture agreements, documents and automatically classify and initiate a process. CMW runs on top of Open Text ECM and MGS Correspondence Workspace System (CWS), it uses OpenText Connected Workspaces capabilities by aggregating content, data, people, and tasks related to a common business project or task, as well as inviting participants to collaborate and manage contracts based on a set of rules and permissions.     CMW uses the native features provided by Content Server such as Smart View as Web Page, Browsing Folders, Workflow Maps, Workflow Forms, Search and edit Pre-built Templates, Categories and more… It manages all contracts and documents throughout their lifecycle, and includes all of the core functionality of contract management software with a collaboration environment: documents storage, tracking, messaging, reporting, reminding, alerting, monitor risk, audit trails, and task management.     

  • Smart and simple UI 
  • Centralized contract management and cloud control   
  • Customizable contract authoring 
  • Customization and Integration with other systems 
  • Customizable approval workflow system 
  • Easy conversion with integrated imaging
  • Automated forms and templates. 
  • Automated Deploy and updates. 
  • Automatic/ Manual Alert 
  • Flexible reporting and analytics   
  • A unified dashboard for tracking 
  • Workspace capabilities   
  • Powerful Enterprise Viewer 
  • Valuable Powerful SE 
  • Cloud flexibility 
  • Automatic Reference Generation 
  • Accessibility and Relations 
  • Automatic Escalation  

CMW is built on top of OpenText Content Server system and Automation Anywhere, the leaders in automation and robotic capture and processing.