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WincSync for eDOCS

By  Wertheim Global Solutions

WincSync is the ultimate data replication and synchronization application for Open Text eDOCS™.

Unlike any other application available, it automatically replicates any validation data, any database server (even different ones), whether in an out‐of‐the‐box table like document types, or a custom‐defined table specific to an organization.

WincSync for eDOCS is a tool that automatically replicates validation information across libraries, thereby enhancing the productivity of your IT support staff, while increasing the reliability of your systems and improving the accuracy of your metadata.

WincSync is based upon a ‘hub‐and‐spoke’ design. WincSync takes data entered into a single ‘source’ library and applies that data to the other libraries. Users control which tables, which columns, and which ‘target’ libraries should be included, all from an easy‐to‐use interface. 


  • WincSync allows for the centralization of maintenance of validation data, significantly reducing the cost and effort necessary to administer document management systems. 
  • WincSync is ideal for any multi‐library installation, ranging from a single location with two libraries to an enterprise consisting of dozens of libraries and locations. 
  • WincSync efficiently and securely operates within the Open Text eDOCS framework. All WincSync functions are accessible from a single, easy-to-use interface. 
  • WincSync is fully compatible with all database servers and document servers supported by OpenText eDOCS. 
  • WincSync does not require a dedicated server and can be run during normal business hours. 
  • WincSync can be run continuously, on‐demand, or from almost any scheduling program.   


  • Detects any newly‐added or changed row in any validation table in your Source library; and 
  • Automatically replicates the addition or change to every other library in your enterprise. 
  • Recognizes and accurately propagates changes to a row’s Candidate Key (such as a User ID). 
  • Processes validation data without the need for require matching System Ids.

Wertheim Global Solutions

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