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WincWall for eDOCS

By  Wertheim Global Solutions

WincWall is an automated utility that can be used to create and automatically enforce ethical walls and security barriers within OpenText eDOCS libraries.

By monitoring all activity within a library, WincWall can check any new or updated documents against a centrally maintained rule set, applying appropriate security to individual documents as required. WincWall can be used to apply rules based on any piece, or combination of, validation data on the profile.

WincWall provides OpenText eDOCS sites an automated security management solution.    WincWall allows firms to demonstrate enhanced compliance, reduce risk and minimize training requirements by automating the application of security based on a centralized rule set.

WincWall also supports ‘Supplemental Markings’. This allows enhanced levels of compliance to be demonstrated, ensures client security requirements can be enforced, and dramatically reduces the need for internal training required to maintain a secure environment throughout your organization.    Why do you need WincWall?    WincWall supplies the ability to quickly, and cost-effectively, set up a centralized security model that not only reduces risk, it also simplifies and standardizes the methods by which objects are secured. This can be used to demonstrate compliance to regulations such as HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and the Market Abuse Directive (MAD), as well as maintain internal security rules such as ethical walls with minimal administrative overhead.  

Wertheim Global Solutions

Wertheim Global Solutions


Deploying WincWall will enable:     

  • A centralized security model to be simply maintained; 
  • Compliance to be demonstrated with ‘insider lists’ automatically maintained; 
  • Risk to be reduced by using automated services rather than relying on individuals; 
  • Manual overhead required to maintain security to be reduced; 
  • A consistent, firm-wide, security policy to be developed, maintained, and demonstrated.   

How does WincWall work?   

WincWall monitors documents as they are edited. A queue is processed comparing the validation data for each document against the central maintained rule set, and applying security as required. Only after a successful re‐securing is complete is the document removed from the queue: 

  • The queuing process ensures that all documents are processed. 
  • Rule-based options allow security to be retrospectively applied to existing documents. 
  • Individual rule configuration allows multiple rules to apply to individual documents, and for rules to either be supportive or override user updates on a per-document basis.

Wertheim Global Solutions

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