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Digital Acceleration Solution for OpenText


DAS is a family of capabilities that work together to provide in-application training, guidance, and support through content and collaboration to empower people to initiate change and accelerate adoption of any new system

Users see an entire end-to-end process, so they understand their role and that of the application in the organization's success. DAS promotes understanding, impart learning, and support performance.  With DAS, you help your organization meet their digital transformation challenges and accelerate time to success by mitigating risks and maximizing ROI.  DAS distinguishes itself through its rapid deployment and integration within the presentation layer of any web-based application.  

DAS is provided exclusively by MGS for all OpenText customers to give them confidence and support to adopt rapid change by aiding in the successful deployment, implementation, and roll-out of OpenText solutions and MGS add-ons modules.  DAS can create a clear understanding of business processes, foster conversations between teams & across functions within OpenText solutions.  A proven way to drive enterprise system adoption at all levels.  Executives, project Teams, end-users, new employees, IT professionals can benefit from DAS for OpenText solutions.   

DAS value proposition: 

  • Saves Effort and Money   Easily deployed and configured - Connects to a live system (training, dev. or prod.) - No simulated/cloned environment - Easy changes and little post system update. 
  • On-the-Job Support:  Business Process Monitoring (BPM) - User-configurable dashboards for visibility and real-time alerts across the enterprise system landscape. 
  • Knowledge Sharing & Crowd-Sourcing of Content:  Built-in sharing tools (org. board and sticky notes). 
  • Mentoring, Coaching and On-the-Job Support Tool  Built-in screen share, chat, and conferencing with colleagues. 
  • Reduces Translation Effort   Real-time translation of any OpenText solution screen including analytics and custom content (guiders/help). 
  • End to End Learning and EPSS  Role-specific context-sensitive help, tutorials, screen recordings, courses, surveys and evaluation (LMS compatible)   


DAS features:  DAS’s capabilities can be turned on/off based on customer requirements:

  • Content Authoring:  DAS Guiders: Quickly add rich contextual help for Open Text users. 
  • DAS Guided Learning: Assemble guiders into tutorials and courses with exams. 
  • DAS Usage Analytics: See which content and features are being used, by whom, and how often.   
  • Performance support:   DAS Language Localizer: a cloud-based capability dynamically translating your modern web-based applications into any language.  DAS Notifications: Get system state notifications and alerts that trigger guiders. 


Answers to common questions that integrate with guiders, tutorials, and notifications:  

  • DAS Intelligent Assist: Use speech recognition and natural language processing. 
  • Business Process Aids & IOT Viewer:   It empowers users to customize the workflow and predefine the business cycle while describing one or multiple business processes. 
  • DAS SmartDAS: Predictive business modeling workbench.   
  • DAS Process & IoT Viewer: Interactive overview of organizational processes, roles and assets. 
  • DAS Audit Trails: Capture proof of transaction execution with Blockchain option.   
  • DAS Organization Board: Access unstructured data or corporate and project web sites.   
  • Collaboration:  DAS collaboration & support: Collaborate using built-in Chat with the ability to chat with existing users or create a group for chatting. It collaborates using support (Built-in text, voice, video, screen & file sharing). 
  • DAS Sticky notes: Add and share electronic sticky notes to a specific page in the app itself.  Customization and Integration with other systems  Customization and integrations with other software to scale fast while maintaining consistency.

DAS is built on top of OpenText Content Suite.