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complon® Business Solution xECM for CONTRACTS

By  complon GmbH


complon Business Solution xECM for Contracts enables companies to be agile, resilient, and efficient in a globally connected business world allowing for online negotiations, contract automation, electronic signatures and enterprise-grade, best-practices for the electronic lifecycle management of contracts.

Automate, monitor, and proactively manage contracts to better execute on innovative contract strategies in your business. Protect against risks, boost process efficiency and maximize the contract value across the enterprise through a centralized contract-repository built on the market-leading content services.

✓ Make more with less Resources - easier, faster, more secure, and efficient

✓ Simpler, safer and more cost-efficient processing of contracts

✓ Central storage of correspondence and all business relevant documents

✓ Fast, centralized access to the group wide contract portfolio

✓ Control of deadlines and the entire lifecycle of contracts

✓ Contract documents are integrated into business processes

✓ Deep Salesforce integration

✓ Effective, easy collaboration for SAP and non-SAP users

✓ Modular, standardized, automated

✓ Ready for immediate use



Business Solution with a complete set of capabilities:

Ready to use - preconfigured File Templates

For R&D, Procurement, Legal, Sales, and Service with more than 100 Contract Types.


Content reporting with Excel integration, automated reminders provide timely information about important deadlines and dates for processes and contracts.

Personalized Views and Dashboards

All the key information you need on your personalized start page and pre-configured dashboards.

End-to-end Process and Data Model

Standardized filing structure and end-to-end metadata concept across all business applications, business partner master data management.

Compliance and Information Security

Records Management, Legal Holds to ensure compliance with data security requirements, Security by Design and features aiding the management of personal data (GDPR).

Contract Creation Automation

Template and clause-based contract creation to increase contract quality and conformity.

Intelligent Search

Powerful searches such as full text search, clause search, metadata search, personal search templates, comprehensive filtering and sorting options.

Seamless Integration – SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft 365

Deep integration into the leading systems. Intuitive work through integration in Microsoft Outlook, Windows Explorer, Web browser, Teams.

Powerful Workflows with DocuSign eSignature

Consistent electronic signature workflow with Auto-Store-Connector for DocuSign. Flexible, intelligent review and approval workflows.

Document Comparison – Intelligent Viewing

Responsive in-place viewing (Web, Mobile, SAP). Easy comparison and highlighting of text differences in different documents or versions. OCR, comparing revised drafts of Office and PDF documents.


  • Seamless integration with SAP® S/4HANA, SAP® ERP, Microsoft® 365, Salesforce®
  • Integration and master data management across several connected ERP systems
  • Contract automation with templates, wizards, and clause library
  • Streamlined review and approval processes through flexible workflows, tasks, versioning, audit
  • Advanced search with data and full-text search in active and archived contracts
  • Monitoring of important milestones and deadlines through follow-ups with e-mail reminder
  • Secure, encrypted, location-independent access to documents and data
  • Records management ensures compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Intelligent scanning solution with machine learning, archiving and records management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Modular, highly scalable solution


complon Business Solutions xECM for Contracts and Procurement are certified by BME, the leading European Community for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics.

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