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The General Networks DM Release Script

By  General Networks Corp

The General Networks DM Release Script releases (exports) documents scanned within Kofax Ascent Capture and stores the documents and associated profiling data in an eDOCS DM repository.

The eDOCS DM Release Script installs on a workstation and integrates with the workflow in Kofax capture to automatically kick-off the export of scanned batch files to eDOCS DM.


eDOCS DM Release Script features include:

  • Directory load balancing and storage paths on the document server
  • Maintenance of log files to support exception handling
  • Optionally secures documents at the database level using security rules defined by the DM system administrator
  • Transparently handles the mapping of Kofax Capture fields to DM profile fields regardless of how many custom files are created
  • Multiple options for handling duplicate document names
  • Support for truncated directory names (for pre 5.1 versions of eDOCS)
  • Option to release documents to multiple librarires
  • Support for multi-value fields
  • OCR support includes releasing the OCR file to DM as a full-text searchable image file attachment
  • Release to DM folders is provided along with the option to dynamically crate folders and multi-levels of folders as needed

General Networks Corp

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