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OpenText Power Tools for Content Export by Global Cents

By  Global Cents

GCI PowerTools for Content Export enables the extraction of content and metadata from OpenText Content Server in common industry formats that can be readily distributed to clients or other business partners.

Whether used as part of a regulatory publishing process, for document transmittals or just for storing archives of your Content Server data, PowerTools for Content Export enables you to readily extract and share Content Server documents and metadata with third-parties.    PowerTools for Content Export’s user interface is designed for end-users. It requires no complex scripting and is not just for administrators and developers.

Similar to GCI PowerTools for Deployments and GCI PowerTools for Archiving, end-users can mark files for export, define data transformation parameters and export the data to a specified location.    PowerTools for Content Export’s advanced scheduling agent enables automated exports to be performed. Export jobs can be readily defined and executed at a pre-determined time or automatically on a periodic basis.   

Want to see more? Then watch the quick PowerTools for Content Export intro video


  • Complete control of the Content Server documents, document versions, folders, compound documents, and shortcuts to be exported. 
  • Uses industry standard XSL to produce structured XML exports containing content and metadata 
  • Advanced export schedules enable content to be exported automatically at defined periods (e.g. every evening).

Global Cents

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