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OpenText Power Tools for Deployments by Global Cents

By  Global Cents

GCI Power Tools for Deployments enables the ready transport of entire object structures from one OpenText Content Server environment into another. It's highly automated process minimizes manual interactions while speeding deployment time and reducing risk of human error.

The process of transporting content and data between OpenText Content Server environments can be painfully slow and fraught with error. Standard migration tools often require hours of highly skilled labor to recreate taxonomies and reconfigure categories, forms, WebReports and workflow maps.

PowerTools for Deployments automates the deployment process employing referential integrity to ensure that object and user references are updated following import into the target system.  For example, if a category has not been created at the time an object that uses that category is created, the category is first created and re-linked. Similarly, workflow maps are updated to re-link all forms, categories, objects and attachments.   

For customers employing an Agile methodology, PowerTools for Deployments facilities Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment through automating the deployment of applications through your dev/test/qa/production enviorments.  It can also be used to move applications between different releases of Content Server.   

Note that all objects (except TempoBox objects) including third party objects that conform to Content Server object standards are supported.     

If you need to move items from one instance of Content Server to another then PowerTools for Deployments is the most complete solution available.   

Want to see more, then watch the quick GCI PowerTools for Deployments intro video 


  • Powerful, XML-based object export and import 
  • Migrate workflow maps, forms and templates from one Content Server instance to another 
  • Test and troubleshoot problematic Content Server objects in the safety of an isolated environment

Global Cents

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