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Extranet Security

By  PVA, Inc

Allows a Livelink software system to be used in an extranet environment, while preventing unauthorized access to documents and Livelink user information by external users.

PVA’s Extranet User Restriction module allows a Livelink software system to be used in an Extranet environment, preventing the external users from gaining unauthorized access to Livelink User information. This module has three main purposes:

  1. To allow multiple partners access without the knowledge of the other partners’ user profiles. 
  2. To prevent “guests” of a project from viewing all the project participants. 
  3. To prevent the accidental publication of sensitive information to a “public” area.


The module restricts the visibility of selected users and their user profiles via an access control list, which can be established for each Livelink group. The new access control list is administered through an interface that is similar to other Livelink objects. In the same way, you can also remove a user’s ability to grant “Public” access permissions. The Extranet User Restriction module doesn’t support the Livelink version 9.1.0 option of multiple domains.

PVA, Inc

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