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By  PVA, Inc

Automatically apply a watermark to documentation with Content Server(Livelink) information to support regulatory and process requirements. Integrates with the Appligent StampPDF software.

The PVA Watermark module integrates the Appligent StampPDF software with Content Server (Livelink). The Watermark Module allows users to dynamically stamp pages of a PDF document within Content Server (Livelink) with any kind of text – watermarks, page numbers, dates, disclaimers, etc. – in the style and positioning required. In addition, the module allows users to apply a static watermark, or a combination of static and dynamic watermarks, to a PDF document at upload time. Once installed, Content Server (Livelink) users can set up configuration files with watermark information that can be associated with PDF files, or with folders containing PDF files.

PVA, Inc

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