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WincTools Suite

By  Wertheim Global Solutions

The WincTools Suite provides enhanced systems administration, a rules-based security solution, data and document synchronization, and network to eDOCS user/group synchronization.

The WincTools Suite is an extremely cost-effective set of products that enhances the capabilities of the eDOCS administration and support staff in numerous ways. Over 300 eDOCS customers use the WincTools Suite to help administer, secure, and synchronize information across an enterprise.


There are five modules of the WincTools Suite - WincTools, which includes 100+ separate administrative functions; WincWall, a rules-based security engine to ensure compliance; WincSync, a data synchronization utility; WincArchive, a document and folder synchronization utility; and dmsSync, a network to eDOCS user/group synchronization utility.

Wertheim Global Solutions

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