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DM CS Content Export+ Module

By  Digital Mind AS

In large corporations, when any of structural units is splitting away there is a need for data export, but data exchange process should not take a long time. If you want to make data exchange process faster, take a look at DM CS Content Export+ Module.

DM CS Content Export+ module is exporting/importing from file system, keeping files structure and saving all needed meta data without limitations, and it supports UTF 8 format.

Digital Mind AS


  • Export not only the files, but also folders and metadata 
  • For reasonable price you can get the module, which will provide all critical functionality you need to export/import files 
  • Choose which metadata to export: standard metadata, categories or custom (by preparing custom SQL query) 
  • Import/export large amount of data  
  • If the export session is interrupted, the system continues to load data

Digital Mind AS

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