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eBusiness Information Management


Open your content management on your Information System to enhance performance.

Your company's Information System turns into the major engine of your activity and acts as a lever adding value and performance.

Provided that your Information System is correctly aligned to your corporate strategy, strategic and business oriented processes rely on the elaboration of formal and informal data within your Information System.

To deal with this challenge, AEROW offers you an information flow management solution, called eBusiness Information Management.


eBusiness Information Management offers a set of pre-defined channels:

Data DVD publication
An information channel allows one to export infomation (office documents, trees, categories, ...) from Content Server in order to engrave them on one or many DVDs. Through a Web interface, the user chooses the destination media(CD ord DVD) and the appearance in an index page. The channel automatically enables multidevices, the result is sent to the recipient.

Editorial publication
An information channel allows users to export information from Content Server in order to constitute a book. This information channel uses a DTD(Docbook, aecma 1000d, ...) in order to transform any information contained in Content Server in an organized structure.

Internet/Intranet Publication
A channel publishes information contained in Content Server as a Website. Through a Web interface the user chooses an appearance template and an update frequency.

RSS Publication
A channel publishes information from Content Server in RSS flows. Through a Web interface, the user chooses the DTD that builds the RSS compliant XML file.

WebServices (SOA)
A channel generates "webservices". The information contained whether in Content Server or any other source is then made available through dedicated business oriented webservices.

ERP systems synchronization
A channel syncs data between Content Server and your ERP system (SAP, Oracle Business Suite, JD Edwards, ...). Through a Web interface, the user creates a graphical mapping of the information that needs to be synchronized between Content Server and the ERP system. Moreover, users can apply data transformation filters and choose a trigger frequency.

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BPM Synchronization

A channel synchronizes data between Livelink and BPM tools (Business Process Execution Languauge compatible). eBIM interprets BPEL flows for both input and output from Livelink. This allows to interconnect a process design tool to Livelink.



Massive information import

An information channel allows massive data import into Livelink. This channel covers resumption needs. Through a Web interface, users determine the data's source directory, selects the transcription XML file and plans the exectuion of the channel.



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