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ProfilePlus for eDOCS DM

By  Matrix Logic Corporation

ProflePlus presents a totally new face to the eDOCS forms with a modern look and feel and allows an unprecedented amount of control and customization to the form while retaining the ability to easily design both simple and more complex forms.
ProfilePlus introduces automation, workflow and spell checking to standard eDOCS Save and Search Profiles.


ProfilePlus allows hiding of fields to allow presentation of a simple profile form with manual and automatic disclosure controls that reveal additional fields. This allows one form to be used for different purposes without overwhelming users.  ProflePlus allows automatic exposure of fields based on the entries in other fields. For example, if the document type of “contract” is selected, then the contract management section of the form becomes visible.  ProfilePlus allows custom filters to be applied to any lookup, e.g., by entering a value in the department field the document type list can be filtered to show that department’s document types without having to have complicated and cumbersome parent child hierarchical tables or multiple profile forms.  Required field validation during data entry is available to give visual feedback to a user that a field is required before saving the profile. As well as numeric field validation to verify data enter is numbers. Additional validation can be added using the rules engine such as validation of dates.

Matrix Logic Corporation

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