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Cognizant - eDOCs DM Library Consolidation

By  Cognizant Technology Solutions U.S. Corp.

This is a custom tool developed for an organization’s DM library consolidation need. The solution can help in the consolidation of multiple libraries into a single DM library. Benefits include better maintenance & ease of use.
Library consolidation solutions involve analyzing multiple disparate DM libraries and propose designs/solutions for multiple library consolidation. The tool is built using eDOCS API and .NET technology. It can be customized with less effort for a client’s requirements on eDOCS DM library consolidation. Whether your company needs a new strategic business plan or you require the evaluation, Information Architecture, design, customization, implementation, migration or operation for eDocs DM Library, Cognizant has the professionals who have successfully accomplished their client’s goals.


• Helps in enterprise level standardization of DM library and security model, reduction in data complexity of the target repository and increases application’s ease of use for business users. 

• Can help an organization in assigning taxonomy for the DM documents as part of library consolidation. 

• Consolidation tool can easily be configured for different libraries based on pluggable migration rules.  

• Consolidation of multiple libraries data into single library is possible with a new design or data model Ex. Old absolute attribute name changed with new better attribute. 

• Document details such as versions, logs, security, etc. from existing libraries are kept intact in the target library

Cognizant Technology Solutions U.S. Corp.

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