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CaptureVue for Content Server & eDOCS DM

By  Cad-Capture Software Solutions Ltd.

CaptureVue is a web-based visualisation solution that integrates with Content Server and eDOCS DM – allowing 300+ file formats to be viewed and mark-up electronically.

CaptureVue provides full view and mark-up capabilities for 300+ file formats – including the most common 2D & 3D native CAD formats. Key features include document & drawing comparison, real time collaboration and the ability to red-line and distribute drawings – with access and comments all stored in, and managed by, Content Server or eDOCS DM.    Additional capabilities include the ability to access drawings and data from other systems directly from your engineering drawings and documents – using the CaptureVue HotSpots module. HotSpots is also part of Cad-Capture’s Asset Information Management (AIM) suite  which allows Asset Tags to be identified, extracted, corrected (where needed) and activated – providing drill down from the drawings themselves  to related documents and information in allied systems (e.g. ERP and Asset Management systems).   

Providing one source of truth by allowing the native CAD file to be used as the active, referenced document – CaptureVue also provides the ability to print to hard copy when needed (including batch printing) and render to PDF.


CaptureVue is web based with only a local install of a java applet needed.

Cad-Capture Software Solutions Ltd.

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