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Secure Monitoring & Notification


ONE ECM’s Secure Monitoring & Notification module reports and takes action on all activity in your EDMS regardless of the library or type of operation.
ONE ECM’s Secure Monitoring module can continuously monitor all activity directly in one or more ECM libraries, and instantly notify specific users or groups about the activity, to maximize security, increase productivity, and efficiently respond.  This Monitoring module allows you to setup user activity monitoring for including Check-In, Check-Out, and Edit etc. between the selected duration (date/time) and the Notification module notifies the concern user on exceeding the threshold set for the particular notification and disable user login for security.


Monitors all ECM libraries user operations in real-time including:  

  • Check In, Check Out, Create, Export, Delete, View, E-Mail, Modify Security, etc.  
  • Monitors and reports on all activity, and sent notification to key users to prevent content theft or other unauthorized activity. 
  • Generates notifications based on specific activity instantly and automatically disable user account login on exceeding threshold. 
  • Customizes notification email content to include detailed notification event. 
  • View/Print report for Daily User Summary and User Activity Detail.


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