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Master Data Maintenance for Content Suite / xECM

By  Avaali Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Avaali’s Master Data Maintenance Tool helps you manage your SAP Master Data.

Using this simple to use but very effective tool built on OpenText Content Server Platform, enterprises can put in a strong Governance policy for all your SAP Master Data creation and maintenance needs. Currently the tool can address 5 SAP Master Data objects: Material, Vendor, Customer, Asset and G/L.


Solution Features:   

  • Create, maintain and enhance your SAP Master Data per SAP standards 
  • Seamless integration with SAP 
  • Fast deployment 
  • Ensure quality of master data right from the creation through its lifetime 
  • Easy to use web based Electronic Forms for initiating a request for either creation, change or extension of master data. 
  • The forms are tightly integrated with SAP master data and can fetch and validate the data in real time at the point of entry 
  • Requester can add supporting documents in the form itself 
  • The request flows through an easily configurable workflow with multiple steps of review and approval 
  • Workflow routings are based on the form attributes e.g. it can route to different persons based on company code 
  • Email notifications can be configured at each / any step of the process 
  • Segregation of duties 
  • Error handling and duplicate checks to ensure quality master data 
  • Configurable access control at each step of the process 
  • Once the request is approved, the master data is automatically created (or changed or extended) in SAP 
  • Automatic creation of pre-defined workspace templates / folder structures along with the metadata and supporting documents 
  • Integration of workspaces with SAP master data objects to complete the seamless access of master data and supporting documents from both inside and outside SAP 
  • Complete audit trial of the entire process

Avaali Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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