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Unlock Manager for eDOCS

By  MIRANDA Partners A/S

Perform safe unlock of accidentally locked documents in eDOCS with Unlock Manager for eDOCS. Integrated security and all-the-way logged operations.

In an eDOCS environment documents are locked on purpose or by accident. Unlock Manager for eDOCS can easily unlock DM documents in a safe way with full security through a user-friendly UI. Helpdesk or an appointed user can unlock – but can’t read the content of the documents. All operations are logged.

Unlock Manager for eDOCS includes a wizard that takes helpdesk and admins through a security check and authorization to be able to unlock any document. Once they are through, they can only view document metadata – not access the actual content. So even in confidential matters, you are safe by requesting for unlock or recovery of a lost document. Unlock Manager for eDOCS accesses documents with eDOCS DM integrated security.

Unlock Manager for eDOCS is a part of the web-based framework Admin Portal that holds tools for eDOCS admins and helpdesk.


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