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Information Technology Excellence with EIM

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How EIM drives Innovation and Green IT in IT Excellence

Optimize your SAP driven IT infrastructure and enable Business Transformation with Green IT

CIOs are faced with the challenging opportunity to reduce costs and enable business transformation at the same time. Digitization of the business is a top priority that is not only true for all business processes but also all information and that means also a robust enterprise information management strategy must be established.

Investing in an integrated EIM strategy includes profound enterprise content management capabilities that provide companies with a solid foundation to more complete end-to-end processes by putting the relevant information in context. What’s more it addresses GRC requirements and foster business innovation initiatives.

Green IT synergizes the both aspects as it further exploits opportunities for digitization and automation of paper based processes and decommissioning for legacy systems.

Business value solutions for IT Excellence span green IT, paper archive elimination, legacy decommissioning to help you optimize your SAP driven IT infrastructure.

All integrated with an enterprise-grade enterprise content management platform.

  • Data archiving keeps the SAP database at a manageable size and system performance up.
  • Legacy systems can be shut down completely, resulting in significant savings for software and hardware maintenance respectively hosting costs.
  • Reducing number of server boxes and disk drives saves energy and costs and helps to protect the environment.
  • Transforming paper based processes to workflows with electronic documents and eliminating paper archives and paper related inefficiencies greatly reduces cost as well as paper waste in the enterprise.
  • Secure long-term archiving and enterprise records management reduce operational and legal risk and limit exposures in case of litigation.