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OpenText Cloud Capture

Accurate, Automatic Data Extraction

Organizations are always looking to accelerate business cycles. One key area of improvement they’re focusing on is reducing manual handling of incoming paper documents. Manually handling paper documents hurts business cycles because of time needed to re-key data into backend systems before it’s ultimately processed. Not to mention if errors occur, correcting them downstream hurts business cycle times even more.

This creates a serious workflow problem in terms of both costs and efficiency. Whether you’re processing inbound fax prescriptions, human resource documents or expense reports, you need a solution that can accurately and automatically accept, extract and deliver fax data in ways that optimize business workflow.

Cloud Capture

OpenText Cloud Capture is a fully outsourced service that automatically receives and identifies inbound fax transactions. Cloud Capture reliably recognizes, classifies, extracts and delivers fax data to specific destinations allowing you to:

  • Reduce manual keying and paper handling
  • Automatically increase data quality and fax processing accuracy
  • Accelerate business cycle turnaround times
  • Eliminate unnecessary hardware, software or IT personnel expense