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OpenText™ Document Capture and Management

Turn Slow Manual Processes into Automated Workflows

Every day you face the challenge of integrating faxes, e-mail and paper documents into your business processes. The problem is that while faxes and e-mails are easy for your customers and trading partners to send, the information they contain can be difficult to process.

This is especially true when the information arrives in many different formats and quality levels. Often, personnel staff must manually rekey this information into your systems – often creating human errors, extra work cycles, processing delays, customer service issues and cost overruns.

Document Capture Management

Document Capture and Management transforms your manual processes into automated solutions, thereby eliminating the costs, delays and errors associated with having to manually rekey data. Document Capture and Management combines sophisticated recognition technology, human quality checks and automated workflows to turn your manual processes into data directly consumable by your back-office applications ultimately providing you:

  • 99.5% field level accuracy of your inbound documents and forms
  • The ability to handle unstructured documents in many different formats
  • Fast turnaround times often as quickly as 30, 60 or 120 minutes
  • Compliance with privacy, security and other regulations
  • Monthly audit and exception reports