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OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences

Unify processes and seamlessly share information across the extended Life Sciences enterprise

Documentum for Life Sciences

What is enterprise content management for Life Sciences

Enterprise content management for Life Sciences helps link and seamlessly share documentation to bring safe, high-quality drugs and medical devices to market faster and at a lower cost. Enterprise content management for Life Sciences also unifies processes that extend across domains, divisions and external partners throughout the drug lifecycle.

OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences overview

OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences is a set of purpose-built solutions that leverage industry guidance and best practices to link and seamlessly share documentation. Throughout the drug lifecycle, these solutions help speed study startups, manage regulatory submissions and related correspondence and control quality and manufacturing documentation.

OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences features

  • Reuse and share regulated content

    Deploy multiple solutions in the same repository, leveraging a shared enterprise information architecture with common, industry standard inventory and data models.

  • Industry-standard business processes

    Leverage comprehensive, predefined document taxonomies, lifecycles and workflows based on industry best practices for pharmaceutical and medical device products to reduce deployment time and ensure adherence to industry standards.

  • Link content throughout drug lifecycle

    Use multiple solution modules in a single repository for cross-domain searches and linking. Users have a single log in to view all the content they are authorized to access based on their role and permissions in one place.

  • Auditable actions on the go

    Role-based user experience for managing information and tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device, whether a laptop, tablet or phone, without compromising security or compliance.

  • Multiple deployment options

    Whether deploying in the cloud or on-premises, there is no one-size-fits-all. Choose solutions to meet specific needs, whether private, public, hybrid cloud or traditional on-premises, to offer flexibility, agility and security.

Benefits of OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences

  • Single source of regulated content

    Eliminate unnecessarily importing and exporting content from one system to another using a common object model and intelligent automation to share and reuse regulated content across the extended Life Sciences organization with clinical, regulatory and quality content and processes.

  • Boost productivity

    Predefined, yet flexible business rules enforce corporate document controls, while enhancing local productivity with a solution that unifies document creation, approval, change control and retrieval.

  • Minimize compliance risk

    Reduce noncompliance risk by automating and enforcing appropriate approval processes with automatic assignments. Demonstrate compliance through extensive audit trails, access control, lifecycle management and version control.

  • Simplify integration

    Integrate with existing infrastructure and on-premises systems, such as regulatory information management systems, learning management systems and enterprise resource planning systems, that must work together to share complete, accurate and compliant documentation.

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