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OpenText Blazon

Document transformation made easy

Transform files in virtually any format to TIFF and PDF renditions with OpenText Blazon

Document transformation can be cumbersome and labor intensive. Blazon automates the batch conversion process to effortlessly create PDF, TIFF or secure Content Sealed Format (CSF) versions of content in practically any format—just set Blazon up, and let it work for you. Much more than just document conversion software, Blazon provides essential support for your security, compliance and collaboration initiatives while improving operational efficiency.

You can also leverage OpenText integrations with Documentum™ D2 and Webtop to do Document Merge. Document Merge requires OpenText Brava!™ for Documentum and uses Blazon to help you easily create new documents by merging multiple files of any format. Just select documents, drawings or images and then drag and drop pages to compile a new document. You can rearrange the order or remove pages before publishing the new document as a PDF, TIFF or CSF file.

Blazon can be set up to monitor folders for files to process or to handle batch file conversion. Documentum administrators can use PDF Scheduler to start using Blazon right out of the box. For more sophisticated environments, integrate Blazon into workflow or business process actions in any content management or other system using the robust API.


  • Streamline workflows. In an integrated environment, Blazon is automatically engaged by your enterprise content management (ECM), records management or other system as part of your business processes. Blazon can also be deployed right out of the box by having it monitor a folder for new documents to process.
  • Support control and compliance. Security is more than a password. With Blazon you can define output format; add watermarks, banners or stamps; and set security controls and other publishing criteria to ensure adherence to regulatory or internal mandates.
  • Improve content accessibility. Converting files to neutral formats such as text-searchable PDF or ubiquitous TIFF ensures everyone who needs access to the content can see it consistently and reliably, even if they are outside the organization. Blazon makes it easy to share content, no matter how it is currently stored. Split long documents to easily distribute just the needed pages, burn in annotations to share with collaborators and more.
  • Automate archiving. Files in any format, from documents and images to CAD drawings, can be accurately and reliably converted to PDF or PDF/A. Blazon can automatically handle the conversion according to business rules and even add the archival date or information from the database via a watermark, markup text or custom stamp.
  • Reduce document transformation costs. Your organization can save money by automating time-consuming manual processes, such as transforming large volumes of documents to PDF, creating TIFFs from CAD drawings for distribution, extracting text for use by search indexers and more.