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OpenText Core Experience Insights

Improve customer experience with customer insights

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Core Experience Insights overview

See how marketers can track and visualize events throughout
the customer journey.

OpenText™ Core Experience Insights brings customer experience analytics, visualization, event tracking, reporting and orchestration capabilities to digital experience teams. By aggregating multiple data sources, Core Experience Insights captures event data for analysis and reporting, tracks customer events and adds analytics and visualization for better customer experiences. It orchestrates customer communication events across all touchpoints.

Core Experience Insights let marketers manage and establish great marketing moments across any channel, any customer journey throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from engagement to acquisition, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

What is Customer Experience analytics?

Customer Experience analytics as a practice combines quantitative and qualitative data to analyze customer behaviors and motivations across touchpoints and channels over time to optimize customer interactions. Journey analytics help companies isolate, quantify, model, and track opportunities to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and business results. Customer Journey Analytics provide an integrated, individualized view of the customer. Companies can test a wide variety of journey hypotheses in near real time to determine which combinations of interactions will yield the desired business results.

Core Experience Insights features

  • Customer interaction and event data collection and storage

    Captures and tracks event data across channels and touchpoints from any application and data source and integrates the data stream with an adaptive data schema.

  • Data sets specification

    Uses a wizard-like process to map a sequence of customer interactions using data sets with the selected customer events, business rules and associated dashboards related to the journey.

  • Customer journey view and monitoring

    Continuously monitors with intuitive dashboards how journey interactions are performing to allow users to quickly adjust to optimize the journey.

  • Customer Journey Orchestration

    Integrates with OpenText™ Exstream, OpenText™ TeamSite and OpenText™ Qfiniti to capture events and apply rules to orchestrate and automate the next action based on customer behavior.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Uses Labels to segment customers based on behaviours, such as “abandoned form” or “visited landing page” to target them with a new interaction based on previous actions.

  • Custom drilldown analysis

    Provides more granular analysis of customer data, allowing to drill down by country, region, city, etc. Displays results in charts and graphs with a simple click or custom reports.

Core Experience Insights benefits

  • Simple, responsive user interface

    Benefit from Artificial intelligence

    Leverage AI solutions, for key analysis and insights into customer journey interactions to collect and analyze data in a central hub across marketing content, applications, channels, and devices.

  • ECM integration

    Visualize customer journeys

    Benefit from a comprehensive view of events and touchpoints to gauge campaign performance and adjust to meet marketing goals.

  • Cloud content management

    Automate journey orchestration

    Automate next actions based on customer behaviours for greater relevance and efficiency in customer interactions, across all channels and throughout the journey.

  • ECM collaboration

    Manage the Customer journey

    Manage the customer journey throughout the entire lifecycle, from engaging with the customer to buy through to driving customer retention with greater satisfaction.

  • Content archiving solutions

    Deploy and use easily

    Enjoy a simple process with pull-down menus, pre-populated with the data and sources being tracked by the system, to create comprehensive and successful customer journeys

  • Intelligent enterprise capture solution

    Native SaaS application

    Get up and running quickly with a cloud-based SaaS application, and benefit from the latest innovations without going through upgrades.

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