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OpenText Core Signature

Get approvals on projects, documentation and deals to keep critical business processes flowing

What is an electronic signature?

“Shelter in place” mandates and other global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the needs for reliable, enterprise grade business collaboration tools. Employees working remotely need access to all business-critical content to effectively finalize and get approvals on projects, documentation and deals.

With electronic signatures, organizations are able to digitize and accelerate completing signature related business processes from start to finish. Electronic signatures offer a higher standard in legality and overall security than a traditional hand-written signature and are fast becoming the industry standard. Combining electronic signatures with enterprise content collaboration solutions helps reduce information sprawl and increase productivity.

OpenText Core Signature overview

OpenText™ Core Signature is a professional and enterprise-grade electronic signature solution that allows employees and third parties to sign quotes, contracts and other documents in a fast, compliant and hassle-free way.

An add-on to OpenText Core Share, Core Signature offers electronic signing capabilities with enterprise level security and compliance. Core Share and Core Signature keep critical business processes flowing during challenging times.

Introducing OpenText Core Signature Service

Core Signature Service enables developers to easily build and integrate document preparation and secure, rapid electronic signing to existing solutions or other offerings. Core Signature Service will provide developer-centric APIs for more purpose-built use-cases, including document routing, tagging and templating.

OpenText Core Signature features

  • Define the signing order

    Defines the order in which multiple recipients need to sign the final document, allowing all users to sign at one time or in the order necessary for the business requirements.

  • Specify the type of approval

    Allows users to choose whether the recipient needs to add a signature, press an “approve” button or is simply copied on the exchange.

  • Leverage auditability features

    Provides visibility, including who viewed, opened and signed the contract, into all signed contracts to allow users to take appropriate action, such as calling a customer or sending a reminder.

  • Meet security requirements

    Encrypts information and maintains a complete audit trail. Uses advanced digital signature support with server certification to ensure every signing action is validated with a hardware-stored digital certificate to meet more stringent e-signature compliance requirements.

OpenText Core Signature benefits

  • Sign document as a non-Core Share user

    The end signer does not need to be a Core Share user to sign the contract or agreement sent to them. The end-user simply signs the contract and the document is updated in Core Signature automatically.

  • Increase productivity while being environmentally friendly

    Improve productivity with simple and fast collaboration and document signing, without printing, signing and scanning documents, and without travel, to reduce energy usage and lower environmental footprints.

  • Prepare, collaborate and send documents for signature

    Extend collaboration through to electronic signature and move to a completely digital environment where senders can easily prepare documents, digitize the whole approval process and manage the document flow from within Core Share.

  • Prevent information sprawl

    Action, manage and store content for a holistic document management strategy in a single platform that integrates with existing ECM systems to serve as the system of agreement for collaboration, preparation and signature.

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*Installation Requirements: Trial users of Core Signature must have an active Enterprise Tier Core Share account. Contact your OpenText Account Executive if you need further assistance.

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