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In 2004, OpenText acquired Artesia.  Artesia has since been re-branded, becoming OpenText Digital Asset Management (DAM) which continues to provide organizations with powerful tools for managing all of their digital media and underlying metadata.

The need for Digital Asset Management software to manage rich media across the customer lifecycle and multiple channels continues to grow, and unlike traditional DAM systems, OpenText Media Management allows companies to scale and meet ever-changing demands such as omni-channel.

In 2014, OpenText was named a leader in Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience by Forrester Research, Inc. The analyst recognized OpenText's robust functionality and noted that DAM "fits well into OpenText's strategy around enterprise information management."

Rebranded Product Names

Former Name(s)New Name
Artesia DAM OpenText Media Management
Artesia DAM Creative Desktop OpenText Media Management Creative Desktop
Artesia DAM Desktop OpenText Media Manager
Artesia Web Toolkit OpenText Media Management Web Toolkit
Artesia DAM Livelink Discovery Search Option OpenText Media Management Search, Discovery Server Edition
Artesia DAM Export Extender OpenText Media Management External Download
Artesia On Demand OpenText Media Management On Demand

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