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Greater Toronto Airports Authority

"By going into the OpenText Cloud, we will have a lot more options, whether it’s offering services that we didn’t have before, getting upgrades sooner and bringing more technology into the house. We proved that there is cost savings, but not only that, going to the Cloud will help us bring the innovation that we’re looking to do in terms of information management"

—Juan Pablo Rojas, ITM Client Manager for GTAA

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コスト削減、リソース節約、情報セキュリティへの対応と、ビジネス、拡張性、俊敏性への情報の対応性の向上の間のバランスをどのように取ればよいのでしょう。 情報量、実装の複雑さ、または管理対象の情報の種類に関係なく、OpenText ECMは組織に最適な方法で導入して管理できます。

OpenText ECM Cloudはエンタープライズスケールの専用サービスであり、広範なクラウドベースのアプリケーションを提供します。 OpenText Cloudは、低オーバーヘッドおよびインフラストラクチャコストや導入コストが不要といったクラウドコンピューティングの利点を兼ね備えながら、エンタープライズグレードのセキュリティとコンプライアンスを提供します。 OpenText ECMアプリケーションは、管理されたホスティングサービスからSaaSまでの範囲の、プライベートおよびハイブリッドのクラウド導入モデルで使用できます。

現在および将来の組織におけるECMソリューションの組み合わせに関係なく、最適化された環境にクラウドオプションを簡単に組み込むことができます。 現在、OpenText Cloudは、21,000以上の顧客と2,000,000以上のユーザーにサービスを提供し、1年間で20億以上のトランザクションを処理できます。



ECM in the Cloud Products

OpenText Content Suite Platform Cloud Edition

OpenText Content Suite Platform Cloud Edition offers a simplified, clear cost option for your OpenText solution operation. It can reduce the cost, time, and staff needed to care and feed for your OpenText solution.

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OpenText Archive Center for SAP Solutions, Cloud Edition

Securely store SAP data and documents in the cloud and integrate business documents with SAP transactions and processes. OpenText™ Archive Center for SAP® Solutions, Cloud Edition provides a rich set of imaging clients for scanning, viewing (including notes and annotations), and integration of desktop documents and emails with SAP, as well as batch input capabilities.

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OpenText Core

OpenText Core makes collaborating a snap with a rich set of capabilities and tools, mobile apps to let you get things done no matter where you are, and a user experience designed to let you work the way you want to work.

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Cloud Accelerated ECM

OpenText Cloud Accelerated ECM is purpose-built to address a targeted operational problem—enterprise-wide unstructured digital content sprawl—and delivers success more quickly than a traditional ECM infrastructure play.

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Forrester Discusses The Factors Driving Organizations To Move Ecm To The Cloud

ECM in the Cloud


Time to Get Your Head Into the Cloud

Reports and Whitepapers

Read the AIIM report, Harness the Power of the Cloud to Amplify the Value of Enterprise Content Management, to learn what your organization can achieve through extending ECM to the cloud.

 An IDC Technology Spotlight - Rethinking ECM in the Cloud

 Total Cost of Ownership: Benefits of the OpenText Cloud

 Boosting the Business Value of ECM is a Journey - Where Will Yours Start?

Customer Stories

U.S. Department of the Interior logo

U.S. Department of the Interior

We are very pleased with how effortless it has been to deploy the EES project for the DOI. It is a true testament to the strong and valuable partnership we have with OpenText. This project serves as a successful model for other government agencies looking to move their critical business information to the cloud.

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Products: OpenText Archive , OpenText Auto-Classification , OpenText Content Lifecycle Management , OpenText Content Server , OpenText Email Management , OpenText Records Management

Non-Profit Organization - OpenText Cloud-Delivered ECM logo

Non-Profit Organization - OpenText Cloud-Delivered ECM

We had an audit by the sponsor for one of our studies. They wanted to ensure that our content repository securely manages controlled information throughout the lifecycle in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements. We passed the audit. We had no issues. That was just another feather in our cap for our decision to go with Content Server.

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Product: OpenText Content Server

The OpenText Family

OpenText has welcomed a number of products into the OpenText brand family. For a complete list of previous product names that are now part of OpenText, see: 

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