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OpenText Report & Output Management Interface for Microsoft SharePoint

Take advantage of the SharePoint experience and make it the single point of access for all report content, including mainframe and ERP report output

OpenText Report & Output Management Interface for Microsoft® SharePoint® is an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution that captures and stores critical information from packaged applications like Oracle® E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft®, and SAP® ERP, as well as custom, mainframe, or legacy applications, and makes this information available to Microsoft SharePoint.

With Report & Output Management Interface for SharePoint, fixed content is captured into an electronic archive, enabling increased extensibility for end users consuming and working with report information. SharePoint users now have the capability to search and access reports directly from the SharePoint UI. The search can optionally utilize indexes defined based on contents of reports. Online viewing capabilities include annotations, search and sub-reporting, selective printing, extraction, hyperlink access to reports, drill down, page-level security, and more.


Mainframe-enable Microsoft SharePoint

  • Capture, ingest, and enable access to mainframe-generated content not natively supported by SharePoint
  • Reduce IT backlog associated with custom report generation

Leverage the Microsoft SharePoint experience

  • Consolidated access to all content, including mainframe and ERP report output through a single SharePoint portal

Electronic bill and statement presentment

  • Leverage SharePoint to offer self-service access to bills, statements, invoices, and other documents
  • Logical views of content segmented by page

Regulatory compliance

  • Leverages the retention, accessibility, and auditabilty of fixed content managed in a compliant repository.

A "hit" list presents matching results to the user for further drill down and viewing. Report content is available from any location via a zero footprint within a standard browser client. In addition, users are only presented with report content that is specific to their requirements or access rights, including entire reports, report segments, or specific pages.


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