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OpenText Solutions for Microsoft®

Seamlessly integrate your business content  with your Microsoft applications

OpenText Suite for Microsoft combines the power of the Microsoft platform with OpenText’s deep understanding of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) needs of large enterprises. This suite of products for the Microsoft environment helps your company gain control over an ever-growing volume of enterprise information by adding records management and archiving capabilities necessary for legal compliance and risk mitigation. And it does so through seamless integration, without disrupting the productivity of SharePoint, Outlook, and Office users. Industry solutions address the specific industry needs such as legal content management or enterprise asset management.

Microsoft SharePoint Products

OpenText Report and Output Management Interface for Microsoft ® Sharepoint® is an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution that captures and stores critical information from packaged applications like Oracle® E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft®, and SAP® ERP, as well as custom, mainframe, or legacy applications, and makes this information available to Microsoft SharePoint.

OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft® SharePoint® provides integrated, end-to-end management of SharePoint sites and documents across an entire enterprise.

OpenText Microsoft SharePoint Services for Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. It’s all about collaboration, interoperability and productivity in context with SAP, the end-user experience being paramount.

OpenText Capture for Microsoft® SharePoint® is an easy-to-use scan and capture solution for Microsoft SharePoint. Capture for SharePoint leverages SharePoint as the seamless single point of access to scanned images and documents.

OpenText Web Site Management for SharePoint creates the foundation for publishing company content on the Internet, intranet, or extranet in the required context easily and securely. You can flexibly use documents administered in Microsoft SharePoint in all online media.

OpenText Legal Documents (eDocs) for SharePoint Integration supports business practices, proactive compliance, and information governance needs throughout the matter lifecycle, it enables organizations to capture content created in SharePoint so that it can be centrally managed in accordance with regulatory and business requirements.

Email Products

  • OpenText Email Archiving for Microsoft® Exchange archives email from Microsoft Exchange servers, optimizing system performance. Users can continue to work with email as they always have, retrieving archived messages from Microsoft Outlook with a single click.
  • OpenText Email Management for Microsoft® Exchange combines foundational email archiving with advanced records management capabilities, enabling companies to archive corporate email into a centralized system, and manage that information according to consistent record policies.

File System Products

  • OpenText File System Archiving provides secure, long-term storage of content from file system drives, while ensuring content integrity, avoiding redundancy, reducing storage costs, and providing the ability to apply records management rules to control content lifecycle.

Gold Microsoft Partner

OpenText Integrations for Microsoft Office 365

Combining the power of OpenText EIM with Microsoft Office 365 helps customers to significantly reduce costs, implement a transparent enterprise-wide information governance strategy, improve productivity, facilitate private to public cloud migration, and ensure compliance for Office 365, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

  Read the White Paper for more details

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 2015

OpenText was honored for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

OpenText EIM Solutions on Microsoft Azure

OpenText now offers full customer support and managed services for selected OpenText EIM solutions running on the Microsoft infrastructure cloud. For more information, read the Solution Overview and the press release. View a brief video about the OpenText Media Management Solution certified to run on Azure and available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Boost your ECM Performance with SQL Server 2014 and 2016

Using SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2016 enhanced technologies, Content Suite 16 can operate significantly faster at greater loads. The performance and scalability improvements allow customers to put more transactions through on their existing equipment, resulting in a lower TCO.

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  Read the Solution Overview

Try the OpenText Solutions for Microsoft Benefits Calculator

This interactive tool illustrates some of the benefits of OpenText’s Suite for Microsoft. Enter your company’s data and see the potential savings that OpenText solutions for SharePoint, Email, and File Systems can deliver.

OpenText Support of SQL Server 2016

OpenText was a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 launch partner and participated in the NYC launch event. In this video, Adam Howatson, OpenText’s Chief Marketing Officer, discusses OpenText’s support for and integration with SQL Server 2016.

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