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OpenText ECM Suite for SAP Solutions

Solutions to support Digital Transformation across your organization

According to an IDC study, the amount of information we generate is growing at an annual rate of 60% and increasing. Of that 60%, 80% of the data is unstructured. The need to manage this unstructured content turns effective Enterprise Information Management (EIM) into a strategic enabler that puts you ahead of your competitors.

OpenText Suite for SAP allows organizations to combine their structured and unstructured data to provide meaningful user experience, whether supporting key business processes, such as Supplier or Workforce or providing a platform to combine the two content worlds across an organization. All elements of your enterprise information — structured SAP content and unstructured data — are available in context of your business processes, at any point in time, on any device. OpenText Suite for SAP aligns to the SAP Enterprise Business Platform (Digital Core)

Release 16 creates a better way to work, supporting better engagement, productivity, control, innovation and insight. Each product is ready to plug in to your business architecture and business processes to support your SAP deployment or business needs. OpenText solutions support the latest SAP Fiori / SAP Hybris and OpenText Smart UI’s, ensuring ease of use and adoption for all users. 


SAP Partner

Outperform Your Competitors with Digital Transformation

2017年 SAP Pinnacle Awards 受賞

OpenText はPinnacle Awardsで 2つの賞(ソリューションエクステンションパートナー、年間データマネジメントパートナー)を受賞し、SAP® から高い評価を得ていることを誇りに思います。当社は、ソリューションエクステンションアワードを 10 年連続で受賞しました。今年、2 つの賞を受賞したことは注目すべきことです。SAP は、これらのアワードを、SAP と提携および顧客の運用改善に貢献した最高のパートナーに与えています。

SAP Certified

Benefit from our solutions which are pre-integrated and pre-tested by SAP. OpenText Suite for SAP Solutions are certified in more than one category.

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